Become a Vendor

Are you a grower or a fisher? Want to build your craft business locally? We encourage you to apply to us as a vendor.  Your application is an expression of interest and availability. We reserve the right to limit the number of similar crafts, bakeries and prepared food. Please note: we do not accept applications from direct sellers or company representatives of direct sellers, party plan hosts nor other MLMs.

Community tables are strictly for groups wishing to book their attendance at that table to build awareness, for public education or fundraising. Groups need not be Registered Charities to be considered. We encourage all not-for-profits to submit.

In order to allow for a weekly market event and to enable our neighbours along the Prospect Road to buy fresh and shop local, the ROC will continue to operate a farmers market too. Please indicate your interest in applying for that market below.

Please note that signing up as a Spryfield vendor is a two-step process:

1. Fill out the form and submit

2. once accepted the $25.00 registration fee must be submitted before your first market. All vendors must pay this in advance of May 13 to be accepted. Why? We must pay our expenses in advance. In order to keep the table fees at the same rate, we are implementing this refundable fee. Your last market of the season will be free.

All table fees (shown below) for both markets must be prepaid before setting up. There will be no money collection during the markets. Prospect Communities Farmers Market has a separate system of collection fees.  Prospect vendors pay at the Centre's reception desk or in advance by dropping in or phoning credit card information to the desk, 902-852-2711.

 Vendors at both must pay in advance before May 6 or May 13, our first markets.

Vendors of Schedule B products are no longer required to apply for a Food Permit. Schedule A vendors (meat, dairy, eggs) are still required to have this prior to our first market.

The form below is only for those who are ready to sell. If you want more information or have questions please contact us through email.

Vendor Application

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Please indicate for which market you wish to be considered.
Street Address
Street Address
Phone number
Phone number
Community tables are for organizations only. Primary producers grow or harvest.
Space Required - Tables
Please refer to "Notes about Table Rental" below
Notes About Table Rental
Each week there will be one free community table available for a not for profit organization.
Market Dates
Check off all market dates that you are available to attend. *P dates are Prospect markets
Cheque: Spry field MarketMarket, 32 B MELVILLE AVE APT 2, HALIFAX NS B3P 1E1 EMT: *Prospect vendors will pay directly to ROC:. Credit card processing by phoning 902-852-2711 or mail cheque to Prospect Market, 2141 Prospect Road, Hatchet Lake, B3T 1S1. Debit processing onsite only. No EMTs accepted.