Market Token Program

“Everyone Deserves to Eat Great Food”

Our tokens are easy to buy with debit or credit cards and used as cash in the Market’s space. This is perfect if you did not bring cash with you. Our Market Tokens also make wonderful gifts!

Want to join us in taking a step towards equality? We believe that everyone deserves access to locally grown food. This is why we partnered with The Family Resources Institute (FRI) a community outreach program initiated by members of St. Paul's United Church. FRI offers ongoing programs aimed at helping build healthier communities. The Food Bank at St. Paul's United Church offer anonymous service and welcomes everyone. Their mission is to help these individuals until they are self-sustaining.

Your donation will not pay for administrative or start up costs. Your donation will fund the market tokens that will support people in need. You will receive a charitable donation receipt for your donation. Please help us remove stigma and welcome everyone to the Spryfield Farmers Market.