What to do with those dead leaves in April?

With April, comes the first interest of spending a bit more time in the yard, not for moving snow around but to enjoy ourselves. We finally get a glance out the window after work where the yard isn’t either pitch-black or absolutely covered with snow. The weekends are now accompanied by the sound of children playing outside and birds song. The warmth in the air also mean the the soil will soon be malleable and those leaves or branches you never got to last fall can finally get cleared. I usually get a flashback of bags of leaves at the curb, around this time of the year. Late fall, I put the leaves on the garden beds but, in the Spring, I prefer stirring the remaining leaves with my compost. Brown waste, food waste (green) and water are the healthy ingredient your compost pile need. I also like to simply rake out the leaves in the “living area” towards the bushes and mature trees. Trees can turn the nutrient that will decompose from the leave into large yield of fruits by the end of the summer. Don’t miss out on this free gem!

Clean bed sheet on clothes line in the spring