Buying Fresh - Eating Fresh

Three years ago, after having my second child I spent two years as a a homemaker. At the same time the Spryfield Farmers Market was opening it’s doors. The market became a place I could get “me time” every other Sunday. 

I enjoyed the social aspects and surrounding myself with crafty people. I learned more about community businesses and non-profits. I learned a lot about food seasonality, diversity and preparation. 

I have left every market wishing I had grabbed something else. To be honest this still happens today but I am learning to appreciate the true value of a market product. Here are a few things to consider every market trip.

What to buy at the Farmers Market?

I love treats! I love original crafted items! I love to get my family’s food from the Farmer’s Market. I don’t try to recreate our grocery basket, I aim for diversity. I buy what’s available rather than ingredients on a recipe card. This helps me vary the food we consume. Our menu remains simple and seasonal. 

I buy enough leafy greens to make a large salad mix base. A handful of nuts and there’s lunch through the first week. Root vegetables, cabbages, squashes like zucchinis will last well into the second week. Ask your farmers for instructions for how to keep your produce fresh, or find some tricks here: